Nail Sizing


All nail sets are handmade just for you. To order a set of Gricelduh Goods Press On Nails, you must know your nail sizes. Below are two options on how to determine your size:


Option One ( highly recommended for a perfect fit):

Order a nail sizing kit. A sizing kit includes instructions and 14 different nail sizes to help you determine your perfect size.

Once you know your nail sizes, you enter those sizes to the order notes at checkout. 


Option Two:

Measure your nails in millimeters. Please know that this option may lead to choosing a size that does not fit correctly. To ensure a perfect fit, order a nail sizing kit. 


Step 1

Lay a soft measuring tape (like the one your mom has in her sewing kit) over the widest part of your nail pulling down tight to account for any curve of your nail. 

Write down the width of each nail in millimeters for each finger, at the widest part.

Step 2

Now that you've recorded the width (accounting for any curve) of your nails in millimeters, use the below chart to determine your individual nail numbers (00-9).

Individual Nail Sizes

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